LEGS Token

Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask the questions that you cannot find the answer to here, via our official communication channels.

About Token

What is the token contract address?

Please visit Tokenomics page for more details

How many LEGS Tokens minted?

100.000.000 LEGS tokens minted

Which blockchain is the token running on?

Ethereum Main Network, Binance Smart Chain

What is the initial price of the token?


Will new token be minted?

The new token will never be minted as the mint function hasn't been coded in our smart contract

How will tokens distributed?

You can find the all details on the Tokenomics page

How will the token burning mechanism work?

30% of the tokens obtained from Coinlegs memberships, whose fee is paid via LEGS token, will be set aside for burning and the accumulated tokens will be burned every month. When the amount of tokens burned reaches 10 million, this rate will be reduced to 10%. When the total amount of burned tokens reaches 20 million, the burning process will be stopped. Herewith, it is aimed to prevent price falling

Do you support any other wallet besides MetaMask?

Not for now, integration with the other wallets will be done in the future

Will I be able to start using LEGS tokens on coinlegs.com immediately?

According to the roadmap we have planned, you will be able to subscribe to coinlegs with LEGS token as soon as possible. Please visit the "Roadmap" page for a detailed roadmap

Where can I buy LEGS token?

You can buy the LEGS token by swapping on the UniSwap and PancakeSwap platform

When will I be able to stake LEGS Token?

You can do LP staking on UniSwap

About Airdrop

How will the airdrop mechanism work?

You can find all the details on the Airdrop page

Can I earn CAP for my existing Coinlegs membership?

Unfortunately, the CAP earning mechanism is not valid for past memberships.

When will the second Airdrop take place?

The date of the second Airdrop is not yet known. It will be announced on official channels.


How can I contact the team?

You can contact us through the official channels on the left menu [email protected]

Where is Coinlegs company located?

Coinlegs is located in the Hacettepe University Teknokent Campus in Ankara, Turkey
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