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LEGS Token Airdrop Mechanism
Coinlegs has reserved 5 million LEGS Tokens for its users. Every year, 2% of this amount will be distributed by using our specific airdrop mechanism.
We believe that a fair airdrop should be set up on loyalty and support. Traders who trust and support us at an early stage should get more tokens. Therefore, we have created a specific airdrop mechanism using CAP (Coinlegs Airdrop Point). More points mean more tokens. It may sound a little complicated but we love Maths
First airdrop date will be announced at official channels after LEGS token listing. After the announcement, you will see "Approve" button on Mobile App(IOS | Android). You will activate your gift tokens by clicking this button then you you will get LEGS tokens as the ratio of your own CAPs to the total collected CAPs by all users. At first airdrop, 100.000 tokens will be distributed. Suppose that you collected 100 CAPs and total collected CAPs by all users is 20.000 CAPs, so you will get 500 LEGS tokens with airdrop.
You can collect the CAPs in three different ways;
  1. 1.
    Daily CAPs: You can collect the CAPs by clicking the "Collect" button on Mobile App everyday. How the collected daily CAP amount is calculated is explained in detail below.
  2. 2.
    Subscription CAPs: When you subscribe to Coinlegs, you get the CAPs. Details are explained below.
  3. 3.
    Referral CAPs: For each user who becomes a member of Coinlegs with your reference and collects CAP, you will earn CAP as much as 5% of the CAP amount he/she received (Rate is 5%, For example, if your referred friend earns 100 CAPs, you also earn 5 CAPs) Visit Referral Program​

1. Daily CAPs Formula (F)

F=BxCxUF = B x C x U
(B) Base Coefficient: This is the base coefficient. It is used to incentivize traders for using Coinlegs and give more CAPs in early stage. It starts with 1, then decreases 10% after every 100k CAPs have been collected by all users
  • First Stage : 1 (until 100k CAP collected)
  • Second Stage : 0.9 (until 200k CAP collected)
  • Third Stage : 0.81 (until 300k CAP collected)
  • Fourth Stage : 0.729 (until 400k CAP collected)
  • ...
(C) User Coefficient: This is a coefficient for you. If you use Coinlegs regularly this value increases. When you collect CAPs for 2 sequential days, it increases 0.1. If you don't, it decreases 0.1. (It can be minimum 1 and maximum 3)
  • 1.Day : You collected with 1.0 and new value of C is 1.1
  • 2.Day : You collected with 1.1 and new value of C is 1.2
  • 3.Day : You missed points
  • 4.Day : You missed points
  • 5.Day : You collected with 1.2 and new value of C is 1.0 (Because you missed for 2 days, 1.2 - 0.2 = 1.0)
  • 6.Day : You collected with 1.0 and new value of C is 1.1
(U) User Factor: If you are a subscribed Coinlegs user, U is 2 otherwise U is 1

2. Subscription CAPs

Coinlegs offers different subscription plans for users. When you subscribe to Coinlegs, you get the CAPs. How many CAPs you can get depends on the subscription plan.
  • Standart Plan
    • 1-Month Subscription : 5 CAPs
    • 6-Months Subscription : 25 CAPs
    • 12-Months Subscription: 50 CAPs
  • Premium Plan
    • 1-Month Subscription : 25 CAPs
    • 6-Months Subscription : 75CAPs
    • 12-Months Subscription: 125 CAPs
When your referred friend subscribes to Coinlegs, you also get 5% of the CAPs your friend gets.

3. Referral CAPs

You get 5% of the CAPs your referred friend gets. For example, if your referred user collects 1000 CAPs totally, you also get the 50 CAPs. You can follow your referred users at Referral page on coinlegs.com and on Mobile App
More CAPs mean more LEGS
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