LEGS Token


Token for Trading Community
While many companies talk about what they will do when launching their own token, this is different for Coinlegs. Coinlegs is a smart software that has been already actively used by traders for three years, proven itself in this field, and easily offers advanced technical analysis detections to traders with advanced algorithms, mathematics, analytical geometry and finally machine learning methods.

Available Features

While users can access technical analysis detections on the web site, they can easily receive the technical analysis detections via Telegram with advanced alert options.
  • Technical Analysis Detections
    • MACD, Ichimoku, Stochastic, CCI, RSI, Super Trend, Golden Cross, TD Sequential and EMA Crossovers
    • Triangle, Wedge, AB=CD, Double Top, Double Bottom, Confluence of EMAs and Failure Swing
    • Breakout Detections (Triangle, Wedge, Support/Resistance, Trend Line and Bollinger Bands)
    • Divergences (RSI, OBV and CMF)
  • Analysis Tools
    • Pattern Analysis Tool
    • S/R Analysis Tool
    • Profit Rates Analysis Tool
  • Others
    • Multiple Patterns Detections
    • Trend Line Touch
    • Learning the Success Rates with Coinlegs Statistics
    • Easy Access to Daily Charts
  • Alerts
    • Creating Alerts for all Technical Analysis Detections
    • Creating Your Own Signals and Creating Alerts for Your Signals
  • Telegram Bot
    • Easy Access to TA Detections via Telegram Bot
  • Mobile App (IOS and Android)

Our Future Plans

In addition to the hundreds of features that already exists, what we will do in the future is also very breathtaking. What awaits us in the Coinlegs ecosystem that we plan to create in the future?
Which new features will be added to Coinlegs?
  • Mobile application: You will be able to easily use all Coinlegs features on Android and IOS platforms and receive alarms through the mobile application.
  • Back Testing: Success tests of all detections and custom signals created by you on historical data will be done in seconds. Thus, you will be able to see the strength of the signals you created and accordingly update your signal.
  • Auto Trading: Advanced auto trading capability on signals created by you or others.
  • Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Coinlegs currently only works with Binance data. In the future, many exchanges will be included in our system and you will be able to access technical analysis detections for more cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinlegs Academy: There will be great technical analysis trainings consisting of text and videos. Of course, how to use all technical analysis effectively on the Coinlegs tool will be explained in detail.
  • Dolphin v2: You already see the success of Coinlegs' artificial intelligence solution Dolphin v1 (Click to see success rates). You won't believe what you will see in version 2. The new Dolphin, which uses the most advanced machine learning algorithms, trained with more than 200 features together with artificial intelligence software working separately for each technical analysis, will be developed with the aim of being the best price predictor in the market.
  • Chain Analysis: Coinlegs will add blockchain analysis as well as technical analysis insights, providing traders with everything they need.
  • And more...

What will the LEGS Token be used for?

  • Buying Coinlegs membership with LEGS Token
  • Free use of Coinlegs for those who keep a certain amount of LEGS Tokens in their wallets
  • Currently our users only benefit from Coinlegs detections, but in the future, each user will be able to share their own knowledge, trading strategies, and chart they like with other users for a fee or free. Novice traders will be able to access paid contents shared by experienced traders by paying with LEGS tokens. The LEGS token will not only be used on coinlegs.com, but also on messaging applications such as Telegram, Discord, or other websites as a payment infrastructure, via APIs.
  • Competitions
    • Free competitions will be held among traders in certain periods. These contests will mainly be about price predictions of the assets, and the winning contestants will be rewarded with a free Coinlegs membership or LEGS tokens.
  • Traders who share their knowledge on Coinlegs will collect points on the system. These points will be calculated according to the time the user spends on Coinlegs, his shares, the positive comments he receives on his posts, and at the end of each year, a certain amount of LEGS tokens will be distributed to users who contribute to the Coinlegs ecosystem. You can find the amount of token allocated for the gift and how it will be distributed on the Tokenomics page.
  • Institutional customers will be able to access Coinlegs' advanced technical analysis detections using LEGS tokens through the APIs we will offer.
  • In short, LEGS token will be used as a payment for quality content sharing (technical or fundamental analysis sharing) between Coinlegs, experienced traders, institutional clients and novice traders.
As a result, Coinlegs will continue to be used as a Trader platform, which offers technical analysis to its users using both cryptocurrencies, Forex and world-renowned stock exchanges, and also where traders share their ideas for free or for a fee. Our aim is to create a huge ecosystem where Traders can obtain all the necessary technical and fundamental analysis information for trading. All transactions in this large ecosystem will be performed using the LEGS utility token.
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